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Our Message

  • I am a rebel for love

  • I sing to the tune of my own song

  • I flow in the wave of my own frequency

  • I go against the current

  • I am unapologetically unorthodox

  • I am unconventionally uncommon

  • I am set apart and different

  • I do not follow the trends

  • I set them

  • I boldly declare who I am

  • I am a rebel


Shipping and Delivery

How we do it

All of our apparel is professionally shipped by Teespring and we ensure you the best quality service. Every order is professionally packaged and most orders will arrive between 2 to 3 weeks. There is also the rush service where your order will be prioritized and pushed in the front of the line. Expect a quick and early delivery on all your orders!

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About Us

Our Mission: To raise up a generation of leaders and not followers. To raise up a generation of people who can boldly confess who they are and who they are not. In a time where identity has become a blur, we want to be the ones to shine a light on it. We want to encourage love in a world where hate is so common. We want to encourage unity where division has become our normalcy. We are not rebels in the sense of being unlawful or violent, we are rebels in the sense of standing up against unrighteousness, hate, injustice, and cruelty. Our mission is to spread God’s love and character to those around us and being leaders by example. We want to make a difference amongst a culture of indifference. We want to make it “cool” again to actually do the right thing. A culture of righteousness. A culture of rebels.

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Do you want to receive limited edition clothes? Do you want to help spread the message of RR Clothing? Do you want to be a leader in the Rebellion? Do you want to GET PAID while doing it? Then please take just 1 minute of your time to see if you qualify to join this V.I.P. group of special members who are in the front lines of our mission and receive the link to our private website.


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Righteous Rebels CLothing and The Sunshine Girls are partnering with Team Gabby Gives to create a clothing collection. This is done in honor of Gabby Cava, an amazing 16-year-old girl who passed away after her battle with Cancer. The profits made from this collection will be used to support the visions of these 3 Non~Profit organizations by providing scholarships to Christian camps, feeding the poor, hungry, and homeless, and spreading love and sunshine to those going through dark times. Join us in our mission to help others and change lives.